Awakening: Stories from the Torres Strait

"Awakening" seeks to reconnect the spirit between people and their objects.

Dance clapper, dance rattle, lumut & sticks

Cultural Advice: Visitors should be aware that the exhibition and website may include names, images and voices of deceased people that may cause sadness or distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is our intention to tell these stories and use imagery with good faith and with respect.

"The lesson is learnt in the process, the reward knowing how you got to the end product."

Uncle Thomas Sebasio, Erub Island Elder

Made by Jack Gela in 2004
Collected by M.C. Quinnell, from Rockhampton Erubam Community, in 2004
Queensland Museum, QE12771

Made by Ken Thaiday Snr in 1989
Collected by Lindsay Wilson, from Cairns Erubam Community, in 1990
Queensland Museum, QE11468

Made by Gerald Pearson in 1992
Collected by George Musu, from Poruma, in 2004
Queensland Museum, QE12779 and QE12778

Collected by Charles Marson, from Townsville Meriam Community, in 1988
Queensland Museum, QE12695

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